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Date: Wed Apr 06 2005 - 04:42:11 CEST

James W.Greenidge wrote:
> Is it possible to keep up to date on the Bug roster via mail list? It'd
> be easier than logging into a site to catch up on what's fixed and
> what's not and maybe avoid duplicate entries.

You could subscribe to the bug spam list, but I don't recommend it since
it's fairly high traffic (a few hundred emails per week, with email
notification of /every/ change in bugzilla) or you could create a custom
query in Bugzilla that checks a bug report's last changed date. For that:

Select Unconfirmed through Closed, and in the advanced part select 'Days
since bug changed', select 'is less than', and then enter '1' or '2',
depending on how many days you want.

Lastly, if you're just interested in a few reports, you could add
yourself to the CC list on each of those reports.
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