Re: AbiWord isn't so i18n after all?

From: Ryan Pavlik <>
Date: Thu Apr 07 2005 - 05:44:44 CEST

I did not realize until later the Luna Windows XP theme in the screen
shot. In that case, could you let the list know your version of
AbiWord, Windows (SP1 or SP2), and Uniscribe (check the AbiWord about
box under Help, About, it's usp10.dll. For me, with Windows XP SP2, I
have usp10.dll version 1.420.2600.2180.

If this matches your version (or yours is newer), please file a bug at , which is the best place to resolve
issues like this.

Just a quick FYI - Sharp remarks tend to have the opposite effect of
intended, and may discourage developers from prioritizing problems
brought up in this way, in favor of those brought up with as much
information, presented concisely, as possible, because it's simply more

Also, make sure you reply to so that other
users and developers can help answer your questions.

Ivan Jouikov wrote:

> so, how does this answer my question?
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>> Nikolay Karelin wrote:
>>> Hello Ivan,
>>> Monday, April 4, 2005, 7:23:21 PM, you wrote:
>>> IJ> This is what I see when I type in "helo" in Russian with a typo:
>>> IJ>
>>> IJ> Mmmm. I wonder if I should replace "helo" with ???? or ????? or
>>> perhaps IJ> even ?????
>>> IJ> BTW I'm not sure how much of abiword problem it is, becausee I
>>> have the same IJ> problem with outlook express - whenever I recieve
>>> a message that's in IJ> Russian, the subject appears as a bunch of
>>> question marks, but I can read IJ> the body just fine (although
>>> sometimes I have to go and switch encoding to IJ> UTF or KOI8).
>>> IJ> Any ideas?
>>> Please mention what OS, spell-check engine and AbiWord version you
>>> use... All telepaths are on vacations ;))
>>> I have quite good suggestions on MS win2000 (both drop-down menu and
>>> spell-check window) and, yes, a lot of ????? under MS win98.
>>> (Belarusian ispell dictionary, cp1251 encoding, AbiWord 2.0.11)
>> On Windows, we use the Uniscribe graphics services to provide
>> internationalized character support. This works best on Windows XP.
>> --
>> Ryan Pavlik

Ryan Pavlik
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