Re: Unexplained backward text input occasionally

From: <>
Date: Mon Apr 11 2005 - 07:39:11 CEST

Ryan Thiessen wrote:
> Hello,
> My fiancée has been a happy AbiWord user for many years, as have I.
> She continues to have odd problems using AbiWord with text input. I
> cannot find any references to this on the internet at all (searched
> google, bugzilla, mailing lists), but I'm hoping someone on this
> mailing list can give me a clue as to why this is happening to her.
> The problem occurs when she is typing normally, but then suddenly the
> text starts typing backwards. That is to say, when she is typing in
> abiword configured for US english on a us english keyboard, she
> expects when she enters text to be on the right of the cursor and that
> the cursor will move right after she inputs text. Instead, she enters
> text and the cursor stays static, and text appears to the left of the
> cursor, effectively entering what she types in reverse.
> It's not system dependant, it has occurred on several machines. It's
> not distribution dependant, since it's occurred on fedora, debian
> woody, and ubuntu. It's not desktop environment dependant, since it
> occurs in both WindowMaker and Gnome environments. It happens with a
> variety of fonts, and has been intermittant over the course of many
> versions for several years. This makes me think it is not a bug, and
> instead some sort of key combination she is inadvertantly pressing
> that is triggering this behaviour.
> So, do any of you have an idea what she is doing to trigger this? Or
> any way that she can alter what she does to debug what is going on so
> she can prevent the problem from happening?

I've never experienced this bug, but it sounds an awful lot like Bug
3961 (, which has
been open for a few years. As for the keyboard shortcut idea, I'm not
aware of one that changes directionality, but someone else may know
about that. What's the latest version you've reproduced this with?
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