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From: Ryan Pavlik <>
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 01:20:58 CEST wrote:

> Roy Cave wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I really need some help. I'm an old man with a new computer about
>> which I know nothing. I removed the 60 day trial of 'Office' and now
>> I can no longer access the word processor or documents I previously
>> created. I can access MS Works spread sheet and Data base, but when
>> I click Word processor I get the following message.
> Hi, I think you're confusing Microsoft Word and Microsoft Works, two
> distinct products. AbiWord supports importing of Word files, but it
> doesn't support Works files. I don't know the limitations of the trial
> version you mention, but I wonder if you could reinstall the word
> processor portion to access your old documents. If not, maybe someone
> you know has access to that program and can convert the documents to
> another format (I'd suggest RTF if you're interested in editing those
> documents again)?
For reference, you probably had Microsoft Works or Works Suite (which
combines Works with Word) default on your computer, which was
over-written by the trial of Microsoft Office (a much more expensive
application that is almost never bundled).

In order to get AbiWord to open Word files by default, it's easiest to
uninstall (Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs) AbiWord, then
double-click the installer file you downloaded. This time, when you are
presented with a screen with some check boxes, choose "Full (with File
Associations)" from the drop-down menu above the check boxes. This will
give you a full installation of AbiWord and make it the default program
to open/edit Word files, which is what you probably want.
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