Footnote "contaminates" text?

From: Mark Richardson <>
Date: Wed Oct 22 2008 - 09:04:11 CEST

Hi all,

I've produced a document with some strange formatting I can't diagnose.
Any help would be very appreciated. I've attached a sample page to

I really battered this poor file by composing the document in various
word processors, mainly Ted but also Abiword 2.4.6 running on Damn
Small Linux and antiX Mepis.

The problem, illustrated by the sample page, is that a chunk of text
following a footnote reference number keeps the same font size as that
reference number. When I open the document in Ted or some other apps,
the text appears in normal style. But when opened in Abiword, it
appears in footnote style (but the toolbar font menu gives no
indication that the style is any different from normal text).

Yes, it's my fault for hammering the file with different word
processor apps, and I know that RTF doesn't translate consistently
among them anyway. But I'd like to clean up the document and have it
render uniformly when opened in Abiword. But as it stands, Abiword
doesn't recognize anything unusual about the text following footnote
reference "i" (so regardless of how it appears, Abiword can't fix
it). Thanks for any clarification on this.

--Mark Richardson

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