Re: Why is v2.8.6 still listed as latest stable?

From: Hubert Figuière <>
Date: Tue Apr 01 2014 - 00:04:35 CEST

On 01/04/14 05:10 AM, Ottavio Caruso wrote:
> Hello,
> my first post here. Apologies if I am saying something silly.
> I've just installed Abiword v2.8.6 on Netbsd 6.1.2, the only version
> of Abiword available. I see the last stable sources have been released
> the 13 Jun 2010.

Because mostly we don't have a Windows build for it. I know this is
misleading. I'll fix it next week or something.

> Apparently either v2.9.4 or 3.0 are stable enough. Is it a mistake on
> the site or a deliberate choice to point to such a relatively old
> release?

3.0.0 is what you want. You should have in ports, shouldn't you?


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