Re: News

From: Hubert Figuière <>
Date: Tue Jun 03 2014 - 07:04:14 CEST

On 02/06/14 02:24 AM, Michael Uplawski wrote:
> As it has been quiet on the list and for some weeks also on Bugzilla
> *after* somebody had already uttered “3.0.1” and „soon“ in one sentence,
> I wonder, where we are.

The user list is often very quiet.

As for 3.0.1, I can say "maybe this summer". *hint* it is officially in
18 days that summer starts.
There are a few changes I'd like to put in that are on master.

Also we need a plan B on the Windows binaries.

That's what's happening with the little resource that do exist.

And 3.0.1 will only be bug fixes.

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