AbiWord v2.8.4 Released

AbiWord 2.8 is a multi-platform, collaborative word processor that combines state-of-the-art usability, powerful features, and excellent interoperability. Furthermore, it features a powerful framework for supporting custom extensions. AbiWord v2.8.4 is the latest stable release, which greatly improves AbiWord's support for non-Western, complex scripts.

This release includes the following changes (and more!):

  • Fix a bug where deleting a character in non-Western scripts caused a random number of characters to be deleted.
  • Fix cursor movement for complex scripts, as text cluster boundaries are now honored (Linux and Mac OS X).
  • Fix the text rendering of complex scripts when text is selected (Linux and Mac OS X).
  • Fix text rendering errors when font substitution was involved (Linux and Mac OS X).
  • The full changelog can be found here.

    Availability: http://www.abisource.com/download/.

    More information: http://www.abisource.com/.


       The AbiWord Development Team