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Abiword for Windows can be built on a Linux computer using cross-building. Cross-building has been tested using Ubuntu 8.04/9.04 and Wine. Provided that you have Wine installed on Ubuntu, you can follow these steps to build Abiword for your Windows.

Getting the source tree

Checkout the source tree from the trunk.

  svn co 

Cross Building

Install mingw

On Ubuntu you need the packages mingw32, mingw32-binutils and mingw32-runtime

  sudo apt-get install mingw32

This will install mingw32 with the other two (mingw32-binutils and mingw32-runtime) dependencies.

On Fedora, install mingw32-glib2, mingw32-boost, mingw32-libjpeg, mingw32-libpng, mingw32-libxslt, mingw32-libgsf. Read the tips from Fedora

Get all the dependencies

On Ubuntu: unpack all the dependencies to the folder /opt/win32. Here the win32 folder will finally have the sub folders bin, include, lib, and share. Now you will have /opt/win32 as base directory for the win32 stuff.

On Fedora: you need to compile fribidi and wv.


On Ubuntu

Now use the commands:

  source /opt/win32/bin/

Go to to source tree and run

  CPPFLAGS="-I/opt/win32/include" ./ --prefix=/opt/abiword --host=i686-pc-linux-gnuaout --target=i586-mingw32msvc

On Fedora

  mingw32-configure --prefix=/opt/abiword


  make install


abiword.exe will end up in src/. You need to copy it to /opt/abiword/bin to run it on your Linux operating system using wine. Alternatively you may also copy all the required DLLs to src/. Now you can take the abiword.exe along with all the required DLL to a folder in your windows machine to run abiword.exe on Windows.

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