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This page lists the remaining issues to work through after having ported trunk to Unicode on Windows.




Change the interface language to some unicode-only language and restart abiword. You would need to have RTL text and East Asian languages installed in your windows XP Language Settings (through control panel), if you haven't installed them before. I guess Vista or later may not need this step.

  • Some more information on entering Unicode characters to test with here:
  • The Unicode port has been tested using Arabic Language interface.
  • I have marked some bugs as critical since they are not limited to Unicode only languages, other bugs are occurring for the unicode only languages [Arabic] only.

  • Pls note that most of the remaining items listed here has already been fixed. We are yet to apply some of the patches to the Windows fixes from the bugzilla nevertheless. So pls ask the list before start working on them, if you are not sure.


  1. Print - Shows English, even for Arabic Interface.
  2. Properties - Properties textboxes should remember the previously entered values.


  1. Field - Listboxes - All Garbage [Critical]


  1. Paragraph - Combo boxes and tabs - Garbage [Critical]. Preview - Garbage. Line and Page Break - Not shown [Critical].
  2. Bullets & Numbering - No Title. Combo boxes - Garbage [Critical]
  3. Tabs - Title is shown in English even for Arabic.
  4. Headers & Footers - Title is shown in English even for Arabic. [Have a look at XAP_Win32DialogHelper.cpp too, while fixing the title.]
  5. Table of Contents - OK Button - Garbage. Invisible Labels - [of Stylist]


  1. Preferences - Smart Quotes Tab - English - Change Interface Language - Not functioning properly - ap_Win32Dialog_Options.cpp has to be analyzed.

Issues Already Fixed


  1. New using Template - Title shows English, and the list shows garbage.


  1. Create & Modify Styles - Title is shown in English even for Arabic. Listboxes - Empty or Garbage, Preview - Garbage [Critical]


  1. Set Language - Tree view - (first letter only, in case of English) Garbage. [Critical] - This shows there exists problem with the porting of the TreeView item.
  2. Stylist - Tree view - Empty [Critical] - This shows there exists problem with the porting of the TreeView item.
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