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Note: Apparently, support for PPA was dropped after Karmic (9.10). As of November, 2010, no pre-built packages are available for Lucid or Maverick :(


About the AbiSource Packages for Ubuntu

Developer Ryan Pavlik maintains Ubuntu packages of AbiWord in a Personal Package Archive. To access them, add the appropriate source below to your repositories, refresh your packages, then install "abiword" and optionally any abiword-plugin-* packages that add a feature that you want.

Once you've run this process once, AbiWord updates will automatically arrive when available, along with your normal Ubuntu updates.

You can find details about the packages currently available at the AbiWord PPA information page on Launchpad.

Adding the source to your repositories and installing AbiWord

Easy Install

Set Up Software Channel

Click the correct link below to download the installer, run it to install the source into your Update Manger (and Synaptic/apt-get) and install our signing key, then go into your Update Manager (under System, Administration for regular Ubuntu), check for new updates, and install all available updates.

Install AbiWord

If you don't already have the Ubuntu version of AbiWord installed, use Applications, Add/Remove Programs to install it, or click here to install AbiWord automatically.

Command Line Instructions

To most easily install AbiWord from this system, you can use this series of commands. They add the AbiWord repository to your system, add the signing key matching those packages, updates your package lists, and installs the core AbiWord package.

You will be prompted for your password, type it in: note that you will see nothing when typing, this is normal. Copy and paste these lines one at a time (pressing enter after each) into a terminal - don't re-type them or paste them all at once.

echo "deb `lsb_release -c -s` main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/abiword-stable.list
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 2382D57E
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install abiword

If you have plugins installed, it will ask you if you want to upgrade them too: answer Y.

If you have problems with your update manager after following these steps, run this command:

sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/abiword-stable.list

to undo the changes, then follow the easy install above, or the graphical instructions below.

Graphical Instructions

Though this technique avoids using the command line, it takes longer than the command line method (more steps), doesn't add the signing key (so you will be shown a warning when installing new AbiWord updates), and isn't actually any easier. Both work, though, and you can run just the apt-key command from above or use the technique explained on the Launchpad page to add the key.

  • Choose "Synaptic Package Manager" from the Administration menu
  • Select Settings > Repositories
  • Click the Add button on the "Third-Party Software" tab
  • Copy the line that starts with "deb" for your version of Ubuntu (see below) and press the Add Source button
  • Press Close and read the message about changed repositories
  • Press Close again
  • Press the Reload button on the Synaptic toolbar
  • If you already had AbiWord installed, click "Mark All Upgrades", otherwise:
  • After the package lists are refreshed and downloaded, find "abiword" in the list of packages, and mark for installation "abiword" as well as any plugin packs you would like (grammar, equations, and goffice are available).
  • In either case, read the message about not authenticated packages and press the Mark button
  • Press the Apply button on the synaptic toolbar to update/install your packages


If you get an error about missing files that says you need to re-install AbiWord, go back into Synaptic, search for abiword, and choose to remove all AbiWord-related packages. Click Apply, then install again (starting at the "After the package lists..." step above). This bug is due to an issue with the way Ubuntu is handling the new packages.

Supported (Released) Distributions

Note! These URLs were updated 24 April 2009 to match changes made in the Launchpad PPA system. If you installed a version of AbiWord from here earlier, please ensure you have updated these lines.
  • Jaunty (9.04):
deb jaunty main
  • Intrepid (8.10):
deb intrepid main
  • Hardy (8.04 LTS):
deb hardy main
  • Gutsy (7.10):
deb gutsy main
  • Feisty (7.04):
deb feisty main
  • Edgy (6.10):
deb edgy main
  • Dapper (6.06 LTS):
deb dapper main


Launchpad bug for AbiWord 2.6 upload

History: Ubuntu Linux and AbiSource Relation

Note: The text below looks somewhat outdated. As of November, 2010, the current LTS release (Lucid Lynx 10.04.1) has AbiWord 2.8.2 in the repo, and the latest stable (Maverick Meerkat 10.10) has 2.8.6.

At this time, the latest version available directly from Ubuntu is an Ubuntu-modified 2.4.6 in Hardy (the long term support version), 2.6.4 in Intrepid and 2.6.6 in Jaunty. They rejected the AbiWord 2.6.x packages prepared for Hardy (see references below), so if you want to use a recent version (newer than 1.5 years old) of AbiWord on any released version of Ubuntu, you'll need to follow these steps.

If you are using Jaunty, a 2.6.4 package was uploaded. If you are using Intrepid, a 2.6.4 package was uploaded, based on the one proposed for Hardy. Improvements have been made since then (by Ryan and Josh K), so you'll want to follow these steps as well, to keep up to date. Or, if you're in a position of power with Ubuntu, take these packages! They're based on the new Debian ones, which were in turn, based on the proposed 2.6.3 ones as modified and uploaded by a Debian developer who hangs out with us upstream.

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