Re: Compile problems with AIX 4.3.2

Subject: Re: Compile problems with AIX 4.3.2
From: Patrick Berge (
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 19:06:02 CST

Sam TH wrote:

> what's the standard define for AIX so that we can add that there?
> Additionally, these ifdef's have been removed in the latest CVS
> version.

Looks like '#define AIX' . Thanks alot. I will try the CVS tomorrow.

> From my cursory checking of some man pages, it appears the usleep
> is a BSD function, and therefore not neccessarily available on all
> unixes.

Ah .... that makes sense.

> However, it also appears that we have fixed this portability problem
> in the latest CVS source. So, you have two options:
> 1) Wait for 0.7.12, which should be out next week
> 2) Get the latest source, either from CVS or as a tarball from
> Hope that helps - and thanks for the report

And thanks for quick response. I read in mailinglist that someone compiled ABiWord
on AIX 4.3 with no modififcans, so I was hoping for the same. I will let you know
how the CVS version goes.

Patrick Berge

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