If something needs doing...

Subject: If something needs doing...
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 08:37:10 CDT

Always been a great believer in doing rather than talking so while
I've been hassling people to help triage, I've become fed up with

So today, instead of working on bugs (what a shame) I've been pushing
for some bug database cleanup.

Here's the score:

Date: Submitted: QA: Open:
2001.04.12 92 ( -3%) 138 ( +1%) 184 ( +1%)
2001.04.13 17 (-81%) 152 (+10%) 240 (+30%)

Now we have a somewhat better idea of how much is on our plate before
we'll reach 1.0. Hopefully, when we start on that slow long push for
(almost) zarro bugs of 1.0, people will show more interest in helping

If you wonder, we're about 10 active developers. If we have to spend
time maintaining the bug database that's time lost on developement. A
day lost like today is effectively reducing productivity by 10%
percent or so - not exactly peanuts.

_Any help_ will be appreciated, and this is probably the last time
I'll ask for it before just giving up and letting the issue drop.
Users interested in helping out are welcome to dig in by trying to
reduce the QA numbers, and keep the Submitted number where it is now.
Please see http://www.abisource.com/dev_bugs.phtml for a little more
detail on how to help.

Thanks - and sorry if I spoiled your day by being a bit negative :)

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