Bug Triage & Building from Sources

Subject: Bug Triage & Building from Sources
From: David Chart (linux@dchart.demon.co.uk)
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 15:14:13 CDT

Since Jesper swamped all the work I did on triaging submitted bugs, I've
decided to have a go at checking the QA to Verify ones.

Now, having looked through them, it appears that I need to build from the
sources, because a lot are things that have been fixed since 0.7.13

It would be nice to build with gnome and pspell support on, since then I
might get a functioning spell check (and if I don't I can report the bug).

Could someone please post an idiot's guide to compiling this? I tried
following the instructions on the web site, but I'm not sure that I got the
right source for current build, and I got a number of compile errors.
Further, the compilation did not have gnome or pspell turned on. I'm sure
that all this is just a matter of getting the right tars in place and
setting the right options, but I don't even know *how* to set options for
make, much less which ones.


David Chart

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