Re: Bug Triage & Building from Sources

Subject: Re: Bug Triage & Building from Sources
Date: Sat Apr 14 2001 - 04:49:25 CDT

>>>>> "David" == David Chart <> writes:

David> Could someone please post an idiot's guide to compiling this? I
David> tried following the instructions on the web site, but I'm not
David> sure that I got the right source for current build, and I got a
David> number of compile errors.

Which part did you follow? CVS checkout presumably. Here's a rewrite
of that text, let me know if it's clearer, and if not, where the
problems are:

To checkout a copy of the source using CVS:

 1. Create an empty directory where you want to keep your AbiWord
    sources. The sources alone take up something like 40MB. The build
    tree comes on top of that and is close to 150MB. So make sure
    there is at least 200-300MB where you make this directory.

     $ cd /some/suitable/location
     $ mkdir abiword
     $ cd abiword

 2. Set the environment variable CVSROOT. This tells CVS where in the
    world to get the files from (the AbiWord source repository):

     $ export CVSROOT

 3. Now identify yourself to the CVS server. You do this by logging in
    as anonymous user (that's the "anoncvs" part in the CVS_ROOT

     $ cvs login
     (Logging in to
     CVS password:

    Here you should enter "anoncvs" (without the quotes).

 4. You can now check out the AbiWord main sources. These are
    available in a CVS moduled called "abi":

     $ cvs checkout abi

    This should produce a lot of output, telling you which files get
    checked out of the repository.

 5. AbiWord relies on some helper libraries. These are available in
    separate CVS modules which should also be checked out:

     $ cvs checkout zlib libpng expat wv libiconv
     $ cvs checkout abidistfiles unixfonts psiconv

To update your sources from the repository you do the below for each
of the directories abi, zlib, libpng, expat, wv, libiconv,
abidistfiles, unixfonts, and psiconv (note that usually only the abi
directory changes, so you probably don't need to do the other
directories very often):

     $ cd /some/suitable/location/abiword/abi
     $ cvs update -d -P

This tells CVS to update the sources, check out new directories if
any have been created, and purge deleted files.

You should now have everything necessary to build AbiWord. Presently
you do this in the following way:

 1. Move into the 'abi' directory. This is where the main makefile is
    kept. It also controls the building of helper libraries, so you do
    not need to invoke in any other directory than here.

     $ cd /some/suitable/location/abiword/abi

 2. Invoke make to build AbiWord. By default it will be built with the
    following properties:

     Building with [LicensedTrademarks:Off Debug:Off BiDi:Off
                    Gnome:Off LibXML:Off Pspell:Off Scripting:Off]

    (This gets printed out if you invoke 'make' with no options)

    To enable any of these options, specify them when incoking
    main. For example:


    Will enable debugging support (only really relevant for
    developers), GNOME support and use pspell instead of ispell.

 3. AbiWord gets built in the source tree (presently) in
    src/Linux_2.2.18pre18_i386_GNOME, or some other directory
    depending on your linux kernel and AbiWord build options.

 4. Invoke the same command with the make target 'install' to install
    after AbiWord is done building:

     $ make ABI_OPT_DEBUG=1 ABI_OPT_GNOME=1 ABI_OPT_PSPELL=1 install

    You may have to become root to install AbiWord.


David> Further, the compilation did not have gnome or pspell turned
David> on. I'm sure that all this is just a matter of getting the
David> right tars in place and setting the right options, but I don't
David> even know *how* to set options for make, much less which ones.

You want to invoke make like this:



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