QAV Bug Status Report

Subject: QAV Bug Status Report
From: David Chart (
Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 06:15:53 CDT

This is more detail on the QA to Verify bugs that I can't move along for
one reason or another. Jesper Skov's general instructions for this can be
found at

The main problem with verifying is that you often need a more recent
version of AbiWord than 0.7.14. Since 0.7.14 hasn't officially been
released yet, this means checking code out of CVS and rolling your own.
Jesper posted instructions for doing that under Linux, but I don't know how
to do it under Windows.

Some of the bugs are described as fixed in 0.7.13, so it is worth having a
look anyway.

To do something about these bugs, go to

and type the number into the query box. That will get you the details.

Right, on to the bugs.

Two-byte font specific (I don't have any two-byte fonts installed): 18, 424

Printing (printing is completely non-functional on my linux system. (iMac
with LinuxPPC 2000 Q4 and a USB Epson Stylus Color 760--if someone can tell
me how to get it working, that would be great.): 167, 573, 736, 1179, 1256

Developer-type things I don't understand: 175, 303, 773, 849, 1041, 1130,
1131, 1199, 1227, 1239, 1250 (this is Hubert Figuiere commenting on and
fixing a problem with the Mac build, so I guess it just needs someone else
to confirm it), 1305, 1315, 1325

Sent to QAV by me: 367

Using vi/emacs key bindings (I'm not sure how to get them): 369, 586, 1201

Spelling (spelling doesn't work at all on my system, so I can't check
little problems): 456, 902, 909, 978, 1007, 1119, 1147, 1285

Needs a font I don't have: 465

Needs a networked computer: 470, 1275

Bugs I don't understand (they might well be fixed, but I don't know what to
look for): 663

Windows specific: 665, 946, 981, 997, 1024, 1068, 1154, 1178, 1197, 1206

BeOS specific: 678, 813, 950, 975

Not sure whether I can reproduce the bug: 735

Jesper Skov Executive Decisions (Essentially, closing 'bugs' on unsupported
platforms--I think these should be confirmed closed by another developer
who agrees that the platforms are unsupported. How should I know? ;-) ):
845, 905, 1221, 1222

Needs verifying on another (non-LinuxPPC) platform: 953

Foreign Language Issues: 1031

XFree 4.0.x specific (I'm still running a primitive version): 1049

i386 specific: 1078

Debian Specific: 1092

Can't figure out how to type the problematic characters in Linux: 1096, 1209

Solaris specific: 1102

Red Hat 7 specific: 1110

It's not a bug, it's a feature (is it really supposed to be? I don't
know.): 1235

Gnome front end (I'd test this if I could get the gnome version to build):
1265, 1322

Set to Later status: 1296 (This is obviously secret developer code, and I'm
not sure what should be done.)

IRIX specific: 1306, 1307

Smart Quotes (Enabling smart quotes didn't seem to work at all): 1313

Bugs I'm going to have another look at today: 564, 698, 800, 1127, 1129,
1135, 1243, 1252

There are now 89 bugs in QA to Verify.

David Chart

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