some bug changes

Subject: some bug changes
From: projectd (
Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 06:13:20 CDT

Some caveats: 1) This is aimed more at developers than users. Ignore it if
you don't care about the details of various reported bugs.
2) I don't but about half know what I'm doing, so I'll try to be detailed
in telling you what I did so if I screwed it up, at least you'll know WHAT
happened and WHO did it.

Anyways, I roamed around bugzilla this morning feeling guilty because I'm
using Abiword but not contributing to its development. In an attempt to
be helpful, I added comments to the following bugs:
436, 858, 833, and 1081

I also marked 509 as a duplicate of 947, and marked 833 as a duplicate of
565. If this is helpful, I'll try to use my insomnia to do more. If it's
not, my sincere apologies.


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