Abiword 0.7.14 Binaries

Subject: Abiword 0.7.14 Binaries
From: David Chart (linux@dchart.demon.co.uk)
Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 14:33:20 CDT

I was having problems with the CVS version of AbiWord this morning, so I
downloaded and built the 0.7.14 sources, using make distribution to get tgz

So, I now have LinuxPPC binaries for 0.7.14. I've got GTK static and
dynamic, and GNOME dynamic (GNOME static wouldn't tar, and I couldn't get
rpms to work at all). They all install and work on my machine, but that's
hardly surprising, since that's where they were built. AFAIK, there are no
other LinuxPPC binaries available at the moment; are these of use? And, if
so, since I'm sure they need checking, what should I do with them? (I have
web space, so I can put them on line for people to download.)

David Chart

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