Re: some bug changes

Subject: Re: some bug changes
Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 14:34:21 CDT

>>>>> "projectd" == projectd <> writes:

projectd> Some caveats: 1) This is aimed more at developers than
projectd> users. Ignore it if you don't care about the details of
projectd> various reported bugs. 2) I don't but about half know what
projectd> I'm doing, so I'll try to be detailed in telling you what I
projectd> did so if I screwed it up, at least you'll know WHAT
projectd> happened and WHO did it.

Hey, no need to explain yourself here :) Your help is appreciated, and
as long as you put good stuff in the bug database, you're a hero in my

projectd> Anyways, I roamed around bugzilla this morning feeling
projectd> guilty because I'm using Abiword but not contributing to its
projectd> development. In an attempt to be helpful, I added comments
projectd> to the following bugs: 436, 858, 833, and 1081

Additional comments are always good. I especially like that you
mention the version number you are using, and what OS. Splendid!

projectd> I also marked 509 as a duplicate of 947, and marked 833 as a
projectd> duplicate of 565. If this is helpful, I'll try to use my
projectd> insomnia to do more. If it's not, my sincere apologies.

I saw Sam followed up on the 509/947 thing - which should not scare
you from doing more work. Nothing in the database gets lost, so even
if someone makes a mistake, it's fairly easy to undo. And we all make
mistakes occasionally, so please do dig in and fiddle bugs if you feel
like it.


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