Requested feature

Subject: Requested feature
From: Ralph Shumaker (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 20:00:36 CDT

If any of this is unreasonable, please ignore only that portion.

I very much would like to see an option in the print dialog for:

=== Print: =======================
# #
# [x] from [__1] to [_50] # if [ ] instead of [x], then
# (unselected = ALL) # print ALL pages, even if from
# ----------------------- # and to have values typed in.
# #
# (o) Odd pages only #
# #
# ( ) Even pages only #
# #
# ( ) Consecutively #
# #
# ----------------------- #
# #
# [ ] reverse sequence # So I don't have to sift them
# # into the right sequence.

I often like to print front and back. (This is esPECially desirable
when sending said printouts via snailMail® (fewer pages = less $),
or filing documents for long periods of time (taking less
storage).) But it sure is annoying to have to go to the print
dialog and tell it to print just page 1. Then move that printed
page into position, return to the print dialog and tell it to print
pages 2 & 3. Then the same for 4 & 5, and on and on until I reach
the end.

Actually, because of the possibility of misfeeds and whatnot, it
sure would be nice to be able to break VERY long documents into
smaller jobs.

The "from [___] to [___]" could be blank by default. And of course
the x should automatically pop in if I type anything into either of
the blanks.

Also, I would like that the untouched blank would be ignored. In
other words, lets say I type 5 into the "from" blank and then
without touching the "to" blank I tell it to print. I don't want it
complaining that I didn't type anything into the other blank. I
just want it to realize that the only page I want is page 5. I
would like the same behavior if I type 5 into the "to" blank and
leave "from" blank.

I would also prefer the radio button "Consecutively" be default. I
think that is how most people would want to print most of the time.

The "reverse" option would give great flexibility.

And if I can ask for more fancy things, I would like that when I
select Odd and then say print, that a subdialog would pop up saying
"Odd pages have been sent to the printer." And the next line saying
"Would you now like to print the Even pages from XXX to YYY?" Of
course there would be a "reverse sequence" option along with "Yes"
and "No" buttons. Once the odd pages have been positioned for
reprint, just select Yes and off we go.

A cherry on top would be that after doing the even pages, it figures
out what my print range was and where it ended, pops that subdialog
back up with the next such range starting after the end of what was
just done, and autoselecting "Odd" again. Clicking "Yes" would give
me the next set, and I could keep going like this until my very long
document is done. And if I had any misfeeds, I could do that
section over again, and maybe select a smaller range while I'm at

I hope this all came out at least somewhat coherently.

Ralph    (upstart Perl programmer)

In sleazy debate, semantics are used the same way a street fighter uses a handful of dirt to throw into your eyes. Definitions are purposely twisted, spun and dodged shamelessly to arrive at any conclusion. All true science begins with definition. --Lan Barnes

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