Feature or bug?

Subject: Feature or bug?
From: Ralph Shumaker (rafaelzap2@netzero.net)
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 18:53:05 CDT

Version: 0.7.13
Platform: Win95b

OK. I use Ctrl-A to select all the text. I change the font by
clicking on the font gadget in the toolbar. If I see that I want to
change it again, I find that I have to select the text again.
Previous versions held onto the selected text even after font
changes IIRC (if I remember correctly). What broke?

I consider it a bug because when I'm changing font sizes either
globally or for smaller selected portions of text, I am usually
eyeballing it to get it the size that looks good to me. I prefer
that selected text stay selected.

(I usually don't surf the net, but I will try to remember to do so
in order to check for this on bugtraq. If I have time, I will try
to check out some of the others too.)

Ralph    (upstart Perl programmer)
mailto:rafaelzap2@netzero.com          mailto:rafaelzap@juno.com

... proposals, plans, documentation justifying x, y, and z, ... Too much time is wasted in needless paperwork and not enough spent getting REAL work accomplished. --PGA

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