Spell checker.

Subject: Spell checker.
From: Keith Powell (keithp@g4jvx.screaming.net)
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 14:13:56 CDT

This is my first posting to the group, as I have only just subscribed.

I have downloaded the latest Abiword - congratulations to all who are
developing such an excellent program.

But I have a problem with it, and also with the previous version, which was
the first one I used.

I can't get it to spell check in UK English, only in the default American

I replaced the American.hash file with a British.hash file as it said in the
FAQ's. But when I start the program I get an error message that it can't find
the American. hash file, and the spelling checker does not work. So I changed
the name of the British.hash file to American.hash. This gave me an error
message: "Illegal format hash table. /usr/share/Abisuite/dictionary/american.
hash - expected magic2 0x9602, got 0x35". Again the spelling checker did not

The language selector does not make any difference.

I have also looked at the Abiword.profile file as it is mentioned in the
FAQ's as part of language changing. According to the FAQ's, this should be a
text file, but mine is an HTML file containing a blank "text-entering" type
of box with a down pointing arrow on the right. There is no text to edit.

The previous version of Abiword was installed from the SuSE7.1 distro, but
this latest version is installed using "rpm -Uvh" as it recommended on the
Abisource site. I have installed the gtk one, rather than the gnome one.

I have read the archives but they don't solve the problem for me. Apart from
this, the rest of the program appears to work perfectly.

Please can anyone help me? I really do like to make certain my spelling is
perfect before I send anything out!

Many thanks


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