Re: Spell checker.

Subject: Re: Spell checker.
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 14:47:09 CDT

Hi Keith,

You might want to recompile with Pspell support built in
( Pspell is much better supported, at least on
Linux. In our CVS sources, you can now do cool things like this:

<en-US>color</en-US> <en-GB>colour</en-GB> inside of the same document or
line, so that if you need to write multi-lingual documents, it'll "just
work" for you for whatever language(s) you need to use.


>From: Keith Powell <>
>Subject: Spell checker.
>Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 20:13:56 +0100
>This is my first posting to the group, as I have only just subscribed.
>I have downloaded the latest Abiword - congratulations to all who are
>developing such an excellent program.
>But I have a problem with it, and also with the previous version, which was
>the first one I used.
>I can't get it to spell check in UK English, only in the default American
>I replaced the American.hash file with a British.hash file as it said in
>FAQ's. But when I start the program I get an error message that it can't
>the American. hash file, and the spelling checker does not work. So I
>the name of the British.hash file to American.hash. This gave me an error
>message: "Illegal format hash table.
>hash - expected magic2 0x9602, got 0x35". Again the spelling checker did
>The language selector does not make any difference.
>I have also looked at the Abiword.profile file as it is mentioned in the
>FAQ's as part of language changing. According to the FAQ's, this should be
>text file, but mine is an HTML file containing a blank "text-entering" type
>of box with a down pointing arrow on the right. There is no text to edit.
>The previous version of Abiword was installed from the SuSE7.1 distro, but
>this latest version is installed using "rpm -Uvh" as it recommended on the
>Abisource site. I have installed the gtk one, rather than the gnome one.
>I have read the archives but they don't solve the problem for me. Apart
>this, the rest of the program appears to work perfectly.
>Please can anyone help me? I really do like to make certain my spelling is
>perfect before I send anything out!
>Many thanks
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