Submitted Bugs Status Report

Subject: Submitted Bugs Status Report
From: David Chart (
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 08:50:31 CDT

This is a run-down of the bugs still in submitted state, with information
about what you need to move them along. These are the ones I can't do for
various reasons.

To check a bug, go to

and type the number in the query box. Instructions from Jesper Skov on what
to do with the bugs can be found at

Don't worry about making mistakes; anything you do to a submitted bug will
be checked by someone, because of the way the database is set up.

Windows Specific: 1181, 1303, 1356, 1375, 1376

Needs checking under Linux on i386 hardware: 1352, 1361, 1380 (could do to
be checked under Stampede Linux)

Submitted by me: 1355 (needs debug build to check), 1370 (doesn't need
debug build)

Needs someone who understands XML: 1371

Needs checking under GNOME 1.4: 1382

David Chart

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