Re: Spell checker.

Subject: Re: Spell checker.
From: David Chart (
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 08:37:49 CDT

No-one seems to have responded yet, so I'll give it a go. I've got AbiWord
running with Pspell on my machine.

--On 26/4/01 20:51 +0100 Keith Powell wrote:

> I have downloaded Pspell-12.1.tar.gz from sourceforge, but don't know
> what to do next. Please could you give me some more help? How do I
> compile Abiword with Pspell support? Do I still use the same GTK version
> as before, and do I still use the Abiword RPM file.

No. You have to get source code from somewhere, then cd into its directory
and type


Then become superuser and type

make ABI_OPT_PSPELL=1 install

There was a tar ball of the 0.7.14 source code around, but I can't remember
where, and I don't seem to have kept that email. If you look at the
developer's list archive for the beginning of April, I think the URL is

It's actually really easy to install from the source; about one stage more
than installing from a binary. Mind you, compiling does take a while
longer. There is a README in with the source, which tells you which
directory you need to be in when you type make...; I think it's abi. (I'm
building from CVS at the moment, which isn't nearly as impressive as it

> Do I need anything else apart from the Pspell.tar.gz file, as the manual
> says something about needing other modules. I have read the manual
> several times, but as yet I don't understand it!

You and me both... I don't *think* you need modules, I think AbiWord fills
that need.

You do need to install the pspell libraries, and then edit /etc/
to include the library with the pspell library in (/usr/local/lib, IIRC,
but check that, because I'm not sure and your system may vary). After
editing the file, type ldconfig to set it up. (This all needs to be done as
root.) AbiWord should now be able to find the library and start up.

> When I have got Abiword with the Pspell support, do I use the
> British.hash file? The manual says that I need a *.pwli file. Where do I
> get them from and are they a replacement for the .hash file?

No idea. I'm still using the american.hash file that AbiWord installs. At
least, I think I am...

I hope this helps; let me know if I've been deeply obscure anywhere.

David Chart

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