QAV Bugs Status Report

Subject: QAV Bugs Status Report
From: David Chart (
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 12:03:21 CDT

This is more detail on the QA to Verify bugs that I can't move along for
one reason or another. Jesper Skov's general instructions for this can be
found at

The main problem with verifying is that you often need a more recent
version of AbiWord than the latest release. For Linux, this means checking
code out of CVS and rolling your own. Jesper posted instructions for doing
that at

Under Windows, you need the nightly builds from

I don't know about other platforms.

Some of the bugs are described as fixed in 0.7.14, and others are
duplicates of bugs in the database, or work for most people in the current
version. Thus, it's worth checking even if you can't get the latest,
bleeding edge version.

To do something about these bugs, go to

and type the number into the query box. That will get you the details.

Right, on to the bugs.

Printing specific: 167, 573, 736, 1179, 1256

Needs Haettenschweiler font: 465

Sent to QAV by me: 513, 1350 (this one is a duplicate)

Only reported on other kinds of Linux (and that might matter): 663

Windows Specific: 665, 946, 981, 1068, 1154, 1178, 1232, 1259

BeOS Specific: 678, 813, 950, 975

International font specific: 1013, 1096, 1172

Debian specific: 1092

I can't download the test case: 1157

IRIX specific: 1307, 1308, 1309

Using non-default keybindings: 1335

David Chart

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