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Subject: Re: Spell Checking
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 12:39:16 CDT

>Thank you very much for your reply to my PSpell query.

If you need more help, I'll be willing to answer any questions that you

>It does seem strange that we have to go to all this trouble to change the
>spell checking dictionary, when Abi say that all you need to do is to
>the American file with the British one. I can't understand why they say
>to do, but it doesn't work when we try it. To me, this does appear to be
>main thing which needs sorting out with Abiword. I am very pleased with
>rest of the program.

Well, it's not "just" about changing dictionaries, it's about changing to a
completely new spell-checking backend. You *could* just put in a
british.hash, but that isn't very robust. If you upgrade to pspell, you'll
actually get a supported backend with lots of dictionaries, and you can
spell-check based on LANG or by the language attribute of a run of text,
which I find particularly useful.

color colour Farbe

all would come out marked as correct if you mark each word as:
en-US, en-GB, de-DE respectively


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