From: Dan Stromberg (
Date: Sun Aug 05 2001 - 23:15:26 CDT

I just lost some really important stuff because of a bug in 0.7.x -
every time I'd run the cursor off the end of my text using the right
arrow, abiword would get really confused, and this time I finally lost
something I really wanted to keep and can't get back in any way, ever.
Reconstructing it just isn't possible. I know, it's beta software.

So anyway, not so much to complain as to lead in to my question: where
can I get this that the 0.9.x abiword rpm seems to
require? I did the ximian update, but that only gave me
Naturally, after this little event, I really want to upgrade badly.

BTW, the static tar link on the website is still bad. This was
mentioned on -user a while back, but it doesn't seem to have been
fixed, so I've cc'd -dev.

PS: Ok, I got the gtk version installed ok, but now I see that 0.9.x
still has that same quite serious bug: If you run the right arrow off
the end of a document, abiword gets really confused.

Dan Stromberg                                               UCI/NACS/DCS

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