Subject: Re:
From: Tim LaDuca (
Date: Sun Aug 05 2001 - 23:39:36 CDT

I don't understand when you say "run the cursor off the end of my text
using the right arrow". Do you mean right arrow key? How exactly does
this happen?


On 05 Aug 2001 21:15:26 -0700, Dan Stromberg wrote:
> I just lost some really important stuff because of a bug in 0.7.x -
> every time I'd run the cursor off the end of my text using the right
> arrow, abiword would get really confused, and this time I finally lost
> something I really wanted to keep and can't get back in any way, ever.
> Reconstructing it just isn't possible. I know, it's beta software.
> So anyway, not so much to complain as to lead in to my question: where
> can I get this that the 0.9.x abiword rpm seems to
> require? I did the ximian update, but that only gave me
> Naturally, after this little event, I really want to upgrade badly.
> BTW, the static tar link on the website is still bad. This was
> mentioned on -user a while back, but it doesn't seem to have been
> fixed, so I've cc'd -dev.
> PS: Ok, I got the gtk version installed ok, but now I see that 0.9.x
> still has that same quite serious bug: If you run the right arrow off
> the end of a document, abiword gets really confused.
> --
> Dan Stromberg UCI/NACS/DCS

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