Re: cleanup differences?

Subject: Re: cleanup differences?
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Sun Aug 12 2001 - 17:23:43 CDT

At 02:05 AM 8/10/01 -0400, Scott Bingman wrote:
>What is the difference between:
>make clean
>make realclean
>make abiclean

If you're experimenting with the autoconf builds, I don't know. The
following answer assumes you're using the XP diving makefiles as follows:

  cd abi

These diving makefiles build both the abi tree itself, as well as any
required peer libraries. The various make targets clean as follows:

  tidy -- remove object files for the current subtree ONLY
  abiclean -- remove all abi object files
  clean -- remove all abi and peer object files
  realclean -- remove everything, including binaries & generated headers

Thus, in short:

  tidy < abiclean < clean < realclean

Hope that helps.

>Will one of them clean out a make install?

Sorry. The answer to that one's probably platform-specific. AFAIK, Win32
doesn't even *have* a "make install" target.


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