Re: open a Word DOC, but not save one?!?!?

Subject: Re: open a Word DOC, but not save one?!?!?
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Sun Aug 19 2001 - 08:59:13 CDT

Quoting Kevin D Regan <>:

> Hi,
> I was just trying out AbiWord and I noticed that it could import a
> Microsoft Word document, but not save a file in Word format. Is there
> any particular reason for this (it seems that this is the only "open as"
> option that is not also supported in the "save as" options)?
> Is there a technical reason for this, or is it simply political? As a
> software developer, I work on Windows, Solaris, and Linux, and find it
> somewhat limiting to have a product such as this that can not save a
> file as a Word document.


This decision is extremely technical. Saving as DOC is *extremely* hard to do,
and I just don't have enough free time to work on it enough. Perhaps if you'd
like to throw a few thousand dollars my way I'd work on it more, but until then
you'll have to just save as RTF (which is a MSFT standard anyway) and be


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