Re: Close and Exit

Subject: Re: Close and Exit
From: Chris Winne (
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 10:13:40 CDT

> 'Close' will close down the current document. If there is another
> document already open then that document will now appear. If you 'Close'
> the last or only document the *program* will remain on screen with
> either a blank document open or just the WP with the shortened menu.
> ('Close' does not shut down the program). If there are no documents
> open, except the blank one, then 'Close' will do nothing at all.
> 'Exit' will shut down the word processor program and return you to the
> desktop. Any documents which are open will be closed down first.
> This explanation of the different purposes of 'Close' and 'Exit' always
> seemed to be easily understood.
> Except for having either a blank document open (eg Wordperfect) or just
> the WP with no document (eg Word) all programs that I have met have been
> consistent in that 'Close' and 'Exit' have different jobs to do as
> explained above. This is until I met Abiword! I find it confusing that
> 'Close' works as I expect unless there are no documents open in which
> case it becomes 'Exit'. I have been cought out several times.
> Not only is it inconsistent within the progam, but also it does not
> follow the methods that I have found in all other word processor
> programs that I have met.
> I hope that this is of interest
> Neil Winchurst

FYI, the behaviour of Abiword is consistent with my AIX WP 5.1.

Chris Winne

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