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Subject: Close and Exit
From: NW (
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 04:41:39 CDT

Hi there,

I have followed the letters on this with interest. Until recently I
earned some of my money by giving lessons in computing, often for
beginners and especially in word processing. One of the topics that was
guaranteed to come up was 'why do we have both Close and Exit'? In case
it is of interest here is how I explained it. To avoid confusing things
with unneccessary detail I assume that all documents have been saved as

File/Close and File/Exit do different jobs. 'Close' is concerned only
with documents whereas 'Exit' deals with the word processing program

When a word processor program is first started, depending on which
program you use, either a blank document will appear or there will be
just the processor open with a shortened menu and no document. You can
now create a new document either by starting to type or by using
File/New and then typing.

'Close' will close down the current document. If there is another
document already open then that document will now appear. If you 'Close'
the last or only document the *program* will remain on screen with
either a blank document open or just the WP with the shortened menu.
('Close' does not shut down the program). If there are no documents
open, except the blank one, then 'Close' will do nothing at all.

'Exit' will shut down the word processor program and return you to the
desktop. Any documents which are open will be closed down first.

This explanation of the different purposes of 'Close' and 'Exit' always
seemed to be easily understood.

Except for having either a blank document open (eg Wordperfect) or just
the WP with no document (eg Word) all programs that I have met have been
consistent in that 'Close' and 'Exit' have different jobs to do as
explained above. This is until I met Abiword! I find it confusing that
'Close' works as I expect unless there are no documents open in which
case it becomes 'Exit'. I have been cought out several times.

Not only is it inconsistent within the progam, but also it does not
follow the methods that I have found in all other word processor
programs that I have met.

I hope that this is of interest

Neil Winchurst

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