Re: Close and Exit

Subject: Re: Close and Exit
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 11:25:18 CDT

At 02:50 PM 8/21/01 -0700, I wrote:
>I'm the evil genius responsible for the feature in question, as well as the
>lengthy ensuing flamefest over on the developer list. Over there, we've
>(more or less) agreed that we disagree and have mostly moved on to other
>issues, and I'm trying to stick to that principle over here as well.

OK, I shouldn't have reopened the discussion here, either. Sorry about

The ideas people are coming up with here are very good, and it's always
useful to know how other apps with similar UIs behave. For example, the
Dreamweaver precedent hadn't been mentioned before.

If people are interested in continuing the discussion on this list, that's
fine. However, I'm going to stay out of this unless I hear something new
that hasn't already been considered. After sending nearly 30 messages on
this topic, I've more than had my say. ;-)

For anyone who's really interested in continuing to pursue this topic, I'd
recommend reading the relevant threads in the archives of the developer
list. The bulk of the discussion (70+ messages) has taken place on these
three threads:

Other related threads to be familiar with include:

For completeness, here are the rest (I think):

If anyone feels *really* passionate, they could wade through all 95+
messages on the dev list (plus the 20+ messages here), and try to capture
the stunning breadth of UI precedents and alternatives already cited.
A clean summary like that would be a ton of work, but it *would* make it
easier to tell whether a given argument or precedent is, in fact, new.


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