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Subject: Re: Close & Exit
From: NW (
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 11:36:19 CDT

There has been a lot of correspondence on this one so it obviously is
considered of some importance. I too have been involved with computers
for longer than I care to remember, both as programmer, trainer and
user. I assume that the writers of Abiword are hoping that the program
will be used by as many people as possible. If so then the majority of
those users, I suggest, will just want to use the computer as a tool to
get a job done. They will not be interested in the niceties of

I maintain that these users will be confused by the way 'Close' will
shut down the program when there are no more documents open, confused
and irritated. If you want to keep them loyal then you must change this
so that 'Close' works only on documents and 'Exit' is used only as the
final command when all jobs are finished. (To see how this works, in two
slightly different ways, look at Wordperfect or MS Word). This may not
be how the purists want it but, without wishing to be impolite, there
are not so many of them.

IMHO for what it's worth this is the way forward if you want Abiword to
succeed. I hope no one will take offence at all this, I want Abiword to
be really successful and I worry that too many potential users will be
lost due to the way 'Close' works at the moment. We do all want the
program to work in the real world, don't we?

Neil Winchurst

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