Re: Close and Exit

Subject: Re: Close and Exit
From: Robert Davis (
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 11:39:42 CDT

I too have read the discussion with interest.

I have my own views about how close and exit should operate, but I
have a different thing to propose:

- let each Abiword user decide what happens when they use it. There
could be a dialogue of some sort which asks the user what they would
like to have happen.

The focus of this discussion could then move away from what is the
'right answer', to how (and when) the user can be elegantly presented
with enough choice about how Abiword can be configured do what (s)he
wants, and not so much choice that (s)he's baffled by the questions or
the options.


p.s. Nice product, btw. Gimme tables and full .doc support and my
teenage children would probably listen when I suggest that they should
stop using Word to do their homework. I'm so much looking forward to
that :-)

Robert Davis -
New Information Paradigms Ltd -

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