Re: Close & Exit -- Vote, vote vote!

Subject: Re: Close & Exit -- Vote, vote vote!
From: John H. Raines, Jr. (
Date: Sat Aug 25 2001 - 13:33:39 CDT

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On 8/25/01 at 12:08 PM David Chart wrote:
There are two bugs in Bugzilla.

Bug 1751: Don't exit when closing last document.

Bug 1909: Do exit when closing last document. (I just opened this one.)

Create yourself a bugzilla account, and vote for the bug you support.
Use a number of votes to indicate your strength of feeling. ;-) Anyone
who can't be bothered to vote obviously doesn't feel that strongly.

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Dave beat me to it, but I also believe the discussion has gone on about as long as is useful. I have added a 3rd bug
with the following details:

If there is only one document open then there should be a dialogue when the Close command is executed. The dialogue would offer the following two choices: 1)open a new document or 2)Exit. It would only take 1 extra click to respond. This solution would seem to give the users the least surprises in that a document would never be left open unintentionally and, at the same time, no user would ever be surprised by exiting the program when they didn't intent to.

This is bug number 1911

I agree with Dave on this, if you don't bother to vote you have no real complaint at the final result. BTW, you can vote for both (I'm voting 10 for 1911 & 5 for 1909). That is, I think the above solution satisfies the highest percentage of users, while I would prefer to see 1909 implemented rather than no change at all.

J. Raines

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