Close/Exit Votes

Subject: Close/Exit Votes
From: John H. Raines, Jr. (
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 05:27:03 CDT

A voting update regarding the Close/Exit debate, for those that haven't looked:

1751 - Open new document when closing last document. 236
1911 - Close with dialogue when closing last document. 35
1909 - Close program when closing last document (current behavior). 59

So the vote for some kind of change is approaching 5 to 1, if you add the first 2 together. I hope the developers are listening!

BTW, since your votes are yours, and can be redirected at any time, it may make sense to move your votes to the place that will give the developers the clearest indication of your real choice. For example, I originally voted for 1911, since that was my preferred change. However, now that it is becoming obvious that the choice is probably 1751 or no change at all, I moved my votes to 1751 to indicate my preference among those two.

J. Raines

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