Fw: Close/Exit Votes

Subject: Fw: Close/Exit Votes
From: Michael Leddy (mleddy@eiu.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 10:32:39 CDT

You're right--and right after I hit "Send," I began to hear the cracks
forming in my analogy. I might've added that my own sense of how it all
should work is influenced by the way I usually start AbiWord--by selecting a
dummy document with my preferences for font, spacing, etc. So the bartender
brings me my usual, as it were.

 Now I'm going to sweep up some of the pieces of my analogy...


> Wow, you must be a tough customer, you walk in and the bartender gives
> you a drink (water mind you, not anything more specific). Then when you
> finish your last drink (not after you drink each drink) he offers you
> another water (1751). You haven't exited the building, you just finished
> your last drink. He is wetting your whistle, and you're unhappy <snip>

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