Re: Close/Exit Votes

Subject: Re: Close/Exit Votes
From: Michael Leddy (
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 15:42:39 CDT

As someone who uses my computer mainly for word-processing (well, writing),
I'm finding this a very interesting discussion.

Phil, I share your sense that 1751 is deeply counter-intuitive. (I prefer
1909.) I like the pad of paper analogy that someone developed quite
beautifully on this list (Was it Paul? I don't have the post at hand).
Here's another analogy that comes to mind:

Think in terms of sitting down to have a drink. I wouldn't want a bartender
to presume to serve me another drink, without asking, just because I've
finished the one I had. That, to me, is the equivalent of 1751. I wouldn't
mind the bartender asking me if I wanted another drink (analogous to 1911).
But I would prefer just to decide on my own whether to order another drink
(analogous to 1909). Given how quickly AbiWord starts up, I don't see any
great difficulty with closing and starting up again if necessary. (It's not
like trying to get the bartender's attention.)

But since different users have different ideas of what's intuitive (and have
argued thoughtfully for them), allowing a preference seems the best way to



> On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 06:27:03AM -0400, John H. Raines, Jr. wrote:
> > A voting update regarding the Close/Exit debate, for those that haven't
> >
> > 1751 - Open new document when closing last document.
> > 1911 - Close with dialogue when closing last document.
> > 1909 - Close program when closing last document (current behavior).
> Gaaah! And 75% of the votes are for the most irrational and
> counter-intuitive behavior of all!

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