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Subject: Re: Close/Exit Votes
From: NW (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 06:38:25 CDT

Michael Leddy wrote:
> Phil, I share your sense that 1751 is deeply counter-intuitive. (I prefer
> 1909.) I like the pad of paper analogy that someone developed quite
> beautifully on this list (Was it Paul? I don't have the post at hand).

I think I may have been the one with the pad of paper analogy. Anyway to
me 1909, exit from the program, is the worst possible way to work. (See

Those who like 1911, close with a dialogue, would effectively have just
that with 1751. See below:

Using the 1751 system,

Close the last document and you get a new blank document. (The
equivalent to answering 'yes' to the dialogue but without needing the
dialogue to appear.) You can now simply start to type your new document.

Instead of starting to type, exit from the program. (The equivalent of
saying 'no' to the dialogue. Again this is all without needing the
dialogue to appear.) The program will exit to the desktop and the
unwanted blank document will also be closed automatically.

This seems to work well for those who want 1751 and also those who want

By the way, I know that Abiword starts quickly enough but my problem is
that there is more to do. Each time I start I have to...

1 maximize the window.
2 change the font from Times (the worst font ever) to something that I
3 change the language for the spell check from English(US) to

Under the current system I have to do that for every document because I
am used to tidying the old one away (closing it) before starting a new
one. This is how I was taught and it is just automatic now. As a trainer
this was also the way I was told to teach. I know from this and from
asking around that all secretaries have been taught to close each
finished document before starting a new one. The current system with
Abiword would just irritate them enormously.

If you want Abiword to become a popular and much used program, which I
assume is the point of it all, then the current system just will not do.

Neil Winchurst

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