Subject: Close/Exit
From: Kosta K (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 08:07:17 CDT

I think what M$ word is doing right now is perfect. If you close the document and have other documents open, it does nothing but go to the document underneath. If you close the document and there is no other documents open at the same time, it leaves hte program open and does nothing. There's is just a blank "panel". Then if someone wants to have another document, they press the button for new document and there you go.

It would be REALLY annoying if i had 5 documents open and every single time i closed each one, it would open a whole new one! i would have an infinitely opening documents! whole 5 of them!

That's my share. I personally like having a blank panel, as i sometimes leave the program running with nothing in it. That way i never wonder what got left where and if there have been any changes since i last saw it, etc.


>As someone who uses my computer mainly for word-processing (well, writing),
>I'm finding this a very interesting discussion.
>Phil, I share your sense that 1751 is deeply counter-intuitive.

Not at all. To me, it is the most intuitive as it brings the program back
to a default state. When I start AbiWord, I am faced with a blank new
document. To me, then, this is the default state when I choose nothing.
When I close out the last document, I don't want the program to assume that
I'm done processing words. I'm not, I'm just done with that particular
document. Closing out the last document, the program should return to its
original default state, that of presenting me with a new blank document.
It's most intuitive.

>Think in terms of sitting down to have a drink. I wouldn't want a
>to presume to serve me another drink, without asking, just because I've
>finished the one I had.

But, when you first sit down, does the bartender automatically give you a
drink without an order? That's what happens when we first open AbiWord. We
are given a free drink, a new blank document. Perhaps we don't want that
document, but we are given it anyway, as the default state. Closing the
last document should return us to this default state.

>Given how quickly AbiWord starts up, I don't see any
>great difficulty with closing and starting up again if necessary. (It's
>like trying to get the bartender's attention.)

But it is maddening and a feature that causes me no end of frustration.

>But since different users have different ideas of what's intuitive (and
>argued thoughtfully for them), allowing a preference seems the best way to

I certainly agree here, if its feasible.


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