Install problem on Win2K

Subject: Install problem on Win2K
From: Seth Williamson (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 07:30:56 CDT

I continue to have a problem getting the two newest versions of
AbiWord to install on my Win2K machine, and the more I work on the
problem, the more I think it's AbiWord and not my setup.

No matter whether I try to install over the previous version or do a
fresh install, the install program tells me it either can't write
most files, or that a newer version of the file exists on my
computer. This even when I've nuked the old installation and am
starting afresh.

Previous versions of AbiWord installed fine. I am having problems
with no other program than this one. Other new programs install
without a hitch. I am logged on always as administrator.

Any ideas as to what's wrong? I have had to switch over to Atlantis
Ocean Mind for a work processor and I'm sorry this problem is
apparently going to prevent me from using AbiWord.

Seth Williamson, on 08/30/2001

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