This whole File->Close debate

Subject: This whole File->Close debate
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 09:44:18 CDT

Hi All,

Some of you may know me. I like to masquerade around as a lead developer and
AbiWord's maintainer :)

Anyway, FWIW I'm in the "File->Close should just close camp" but that's
immaterial right now. A while back I actually implemented the code to have
this go either way based on one boolean value - pass 'true' if you want Abi to
close after the last document is closed, false if you want it to open a new
window. This would be *extremely* easy to implement as a user preference, and
would only take me a few lines of code to do so since I've already implemented
the rest of the functionaliy.

My question here - OK, I can understand why people want File->Close to keep
open a document. But what about when you hit the WindowManager's "X" button.
Currently these follow the same control path within Abi's clode. I *HATE* it
when an application doesn't close when I hit the 'X' button. I don't want no
stinkin other window to pop up.

So what I'm asking here is- OK, I'll make it a preference to either:
1) Open a new document after the last document is closed via file->close (will
be the default, but *easily* changable)
2) Just shut down Abiword after the last document is closed

But I want AbiWord to shut down on the last document when the 'X' button is
hit *without any user preference*. This decision is almost final from me, but
I'm willing to hear some feedback.

Is this an acceptable solution? It's the best that I'm willing to compromise.
I'll close 1909, 1751, and 1911 then and consider this fixed.

/tired of this thread

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