Re: This whole File->Close debate

Subject: Re: This whole File->Close debate
From: Phil Stracchino (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 10:24:14 CDT

On Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 10:44:18AM -0400, Dom Lachowicz wrote:
> My question here - OK, I can understand why people want File->Close to keep
> open a document. But what about when you hit the WindowManager's "X" button.
> Currently these follow the same control path within Abi's clode. I *HATE* it
> when an application doesn't close when I hit the 'X' button. I don't want no
> stinkin other window to pop up.

I'd agree with this. Killing the window is a pretty unambiguous action.

> So what I'm asking here is- OK, I'll make it a preference to either:
> 1) Open a new document after the last document is closed via file->close (will
> be the default, but *easily* changable)
> 2) Just shut down Abiword after the last document is closed
> But I want AbiWord to shut down on the last document when the 'X' button is
> hit *without any user preference*. This decision is almost final from me, but
> I'm willing to hear some feedback.

Works for me .... this should keep about 90% of people who've expressed
an opinion happy, one way or the other.

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