Commit: The end to the file->close debate

Subject: Commit: The end to the file->close debate
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 10:36:18 CDT

In case developers haven't noticed the traffic on the users list, the
File->Close debate has continued on there long after it was gone from the
devel list. Bugs 1751, 1909 and 1911 have been opened and people have gone mad
voting for them.

I'm now closing these bugs. The current functionality is now:

File->Exit exits abiword (as always)
File->Close on the last document either:
1) Exits abiword
2) Closes the current window and opens a new blank one

based on a preference key. I will add the preference to the preferences dialog
so that it's easily checkable and thus easily changable for all those folks
out where (like myself) who think that #2 is horrible and #1 should be what
happens. FWIW, we are by far in the minority (approx. 5:1). #2 is the new
default behavior. Don't like it - change the preference value. There will be
no popping-up of dialog boxes under any circumstances.

My one demand (which will not change) is that clicking on the WindowManager's
"X" button (i.e. title-bar) on the last document closes AbiWord *regardless*
of the preference value.

All platforms have been updated, except the Mac, which never called the
"closeWindow" function. Now clicking the 'X' button calls the "closeWindowX"
function. Now it's time for me to close those bugs...


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