Fwd: Re: Page settings, spell check results not kept

Subject: Fwd: Re: Page settings, spell check results not kept
From: John H. Raines, Jr. (raines@one.net)
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 04:44:07 CST

On 3/2/01 at 1:30 AM Sam TH <sam@uchicago.edu> wrote:

On Fri, Mar 02, 2001 at 11:00:40AM +0600, Gerry Kirk wrote:
>> Using 0.7.13 for Windows, under Win98 OS.
>> I've noticed that the page settings are not kept for my document. I've changed them to 0.5 inch on all sides, but every >>time I open the file,they are re-set to 1 inch.

>This is a bug. You can file bugs at http://www.abisource.com/bugzilla

>> I've also told AbiWord to ignore certain words from the spell-check, which removes the red underline but every time I >>open the document, the red line is back underneath those same words.

>This is the correct behavior, currently. We are considering adding ignored words to the saved document, so that >document would always ignore those words. However, this is not done currently. If you want the word always ignored, >the only way to do that is to add it to your personal dictionary.

This is not "correct" behavior in the sense that other word processing programs do this. Both MS Word & WordPerfect save the words ingnored in the document. Thus, the expected behavior for anyone experienced in word processing is that a word ignored in a document will stay ignored. This, then, should be the behavior of AbiWord and I suggest you implement this change if you have been considering it.

Keep up the good work.

John Raines
Mason, OH

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