Invisible Cursor

Subject: Invisible Cursor
From: David Chart (
Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 04:22:20 CST

I'm using AbiWord 0.7.13, installed from the static tar file on LinuxPPC
2000 Q4 (2.2.18, with XFree 3.something (I think) and Gnome 1.2.something).

I don't have a visible cursor in my documents. (I can type, but the letters
just appear from nowhere.) I can't see anything about this in the bug
database (searching on 'cursor' shows nothing), so is this a bug, or have I
failed to set something obvious? If it is a bug, pointing me at some advice
as to the information I should include in the report would be helpful; I'm
new at this.


David Chart

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