Re: ATTENTION WITH RED HAT 7 gcc 2.96 compiler

Subject: Re: ATTENTION WITH RED HAT 7 gcc 2.96 compiler
From: Bernard_REVET (
Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 09:40:58 CST

Dan Stromberg a écrit :

> On Mon, Mar 12, 2001 at 02:25:34PM -0800, Kevin Vajk wrote:
> > On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Torstein Finnbakk wrote:
> >
> > > Having installed last version of Abiword, using linux RedHat 7.0, i get
> > > this message that I lack the "". Where do I get this lib?
> >
> > You'd have to upgrade GNOME.
> > I recommend against this, because I think it's a big headache.
> I have a redhat 6.2 machine next to me, with gnome 1.4 beta 1 on it.
> It was easy to put the new gnome on it using the red-carpet program
> and a highspeed internet connection. However, I didn't have a ton of
> already-compiled gnome apps waiting to fall apart when I upgraded the
> libraries out from underneath them - perhaps this would have made a
> difference, I don't know.
> It's in a way kind of a shame that so many gnome apps are in a
> near-permanent state of "must run a bleeding edge release of gnome to
> use this app". EG, I upgraded to redhat 7 hoping I'd then have a
> recent enough gnome to run galeon, and to my surprise I discovered
> that even this wasn't recent enough. Amazing. I bought the CD about
> a week after the release, and it was already "too old".
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Dear all
If it was only Gnome for which you are going to have trouble would be fine.
The worst are the compilers which come with Red Hat 7 even the upgrade
versions . Being so in a bleeding edge gcc 2.96 is just not stable and should
not be used if you do not want to be with nighmares while compiling .
Just replace it with
For example you can get it from

or wait for 3.0....

Look at

for extra information

I mentioned this point to Red Hat but did not get any answer

Best regards


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