Re: Trouble under Windows (may be after printing?)

Subject: Re: Trouble under Windows (may be after printing?)
From: Dmitriy Kostiuk (
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 22:53:38 CST

DK> One more question about AbiWord 0.7.13 for
DK> Windows.
DK> One day its cool English-language turned into some
DK> Russian variant in KOI-8 encoding (Linux is using
DK> it but Windows can't) and some buttons (e.g.
DK> picture insertion) loose their icons. They all are
DK> now drawn
DK> as "TODO". Reinstalling improved nothing. I have a
DK> suspicion that printing procedure (it was the
DK> first
DK> attempt to print) brought all this chaos.
DK> What is to be patched?

Now everything is OK. The reason is in that custom
scheme in AbiWord.Profile suddenly become empty.
However, why? Does it correlate with printing process?

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